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Outdoor Living

Backyards, patios and pools have been the technologically neglected part of the home for too long, but have been an integral part of entertaining, especially in the summer. With new advances in outdoor technology, you can now bring the comfort, enjoyment and sounds from indoors to your patio and pool areas! Our fully automated systems give you convenient control over your pool and spa. Control temperature and all auxiliary functions i.e. lighting, waterfall features, fountains etc. Picture yourself away from home using your smart home control app and turning up the heat on your hot tub so it’s warm when you arrive!


Outdoor Audio & Video: Adding an outdoor rated LED TV, landscape audio system and even an in-ground subwoofer can certainly enhance your outdoor living experience! We can configure your mobile devices to operate your system with a simple, intuitive app. If you are planning an outdoor entertainment space, we will gladly work with your pool contractor and landscape architect, seamlessly blending these technologies into your overall outdoor design.

Irrigation Integration: Tired of having your sprinklers on when it’s raining or maybe you forget to turn them on and your grass is no longer looking as green as it once was? Integrating your irrigation system as part of your smart home automation system allows for intelligent watering. Don’t just create a schedule, have total control based on the weather, the season, and monitor activity from the convenience of your phone or control interface. Be in total control and ensure your landscaping is looking the best it can.

Pool & Spa Integration: Enjoy total control of your backyard experience with the integration of your pool and spa into your home automation system. Automate daily pool equipment functions such as cleaning, sanitation, filtration, and control water features and lighting from an easy to use interface. Check your water temperature from anywhere and when you’re ready to take a dip, a single press of a button is all it takes to set the lighting, turn on some music, and to relax in your outdoor oasis.

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